NetSuite’s integrated business management solution helps in transforming Oracle NetSuite For Nonprofit organizations by precisely managing all their business operations and improving operational effectiveness. Particularly, using a single, flexible and powerful application; the ERP software strengthens your organization with end-to-end operational solutions. It can be regarding fundraising, integrating accounting, inventory management, and eCommerce.

Our Solutions

Financial Management

The most common and complex challenge that Oracle NetSuite for nonprofit organizations comes across is financial management. NetSuite, with its highly flexible financial management accounting system, manages every process in the most organized manner; while providing total visibility of all activities.

Global Nonprofit Management

Oracle NetSuite OneWorld includes features for managing various taxation rules, currencies, and reporting requirements. As a result, managing multiple business units, subsidiaries, and legal entities is now easier than ever.

Ecommerce Solutions

NetSuite’s eCommerce solution integrates with the entire organization, whether it is for fundraising premiums, selling items, or publishing.

Fundraising and CRM

NetSuite’s unified system lets you manage everything at once, such as donations, donors, grants, etc. By eliminating double data entry, it eliminates all possible mistakes in manual systems. It also aids in providing a real-time view of fund-raising and transaction-related data to provide a concise picture of current activities.

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Nija Technologies is the trusted NetSuite partner dedicated to providing the best services and solutions to our customers. We assist you in the journey to success through NetSuite consulting, development, implementation, integration and support services. Starting from selecting the best management suite with features that your industry needs. If you wish to know more feel free to contact us.

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