Construction or Real estate

Construction organizations that partner with Oracle Netsuite for business solutions can streamline opportunity management, close deals faster, eliminate costly inefficiencies, and increase customer retention. Our industry and ERP experts, combined with the power of Oracle Netsuite and other leading technologies, deliver connected systems with automated marketing processes and data flows, effective financial management, and communication portals.

Nija Technologies is your long-term partner to help you address industry challenges such as combating changing commercial property demand, adapting to volatile home prices, and managing increased competition. We are serving clients in the real estate industry, and are a trusted Oracle Netsuite Solution Provider.

Our construction solutions

Accounting, Financials and Revenue Management

Manage all of your construction company's accounting and financial operations. managing finances, contracts, budgets, accounts payable, accounts receivable, invoices, costing of raw materials, and more. You can manage your business operations across many nations, regions, subsidiaries, currencies, tax laws, and even languages using Oracle NetSuite OneWorld.

Limitless Integration

The Nija Technologies team has extensive knowledge of all forms of Oracle Netsuite integration. Our strong connections aid in streamlining data movement throughout the whole company. For flawless administration of several construction projects, you can also connect all of your legacy systems with NetSuite, including Fieldwide, Procore, Autodesk Construction Cloud, and more.

A system that stays up to date

Nija Technologies will make sure that new features help you increase the productivity of your construction firm. Oracle Netsuite often releases upgrades. Implement new modules and alter existing roles and processes to suit your requirements.

Get Full visibility into your Project Management software

Real-time visibility into every facet of your construction firm is provided by NetSuite. Learn more about tracking employee hours, managing vendors and subcontractors, and other topics in real time. To guarantee that raw materials are always in stock, Oracle Netsuite also offers real-time visibility into inventory and asset management. Thanks to these tools, your project managers will always be able to make data-driven choices.

Job Costing and Accounting

Obtain information on job expenses, monitor spending vs the planned amount, and adhere to the budget. The user-friendly dashboard of Oracle Netsuite also displays project status as a percentage completion and immediately alerts users to any problems or adjustments.

We Are Your Trusted NetSuite Partner

Nija Technologies is the trusted NetSuite partner dedicated to providing the best services and solutions to our customers. We assist you in the journey to success through NetSuite consulting, development, implementation, integration and support services. Starting from selecting the best management suite with features that your industry needs. If you wish to know more feel free to contact us.

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