Innovation can set you apart – if you’re able to manufacture in-demand products efficiently and profitably. Manufacturing sectors involved in the production of new products from seized raw materials need software to leverage their in-and-out operations.

Our SAP software solution, adopted by manufacturing industries, automates the complete process to attain successful production. It provides a single, scalable approach to attaining a profitable position. With advanced ERP software for manufacturing, you can streamline your entire operation, gain visibility, and make confident decisions, from the boardroom to the factory floor.

Varied functionalities like the production process, inventory management, the financial module, the requirement of raw materials, etc., are covered under an integrated platform that scrutinizes the production process to give out effective outcomes. To achieve rapid growth, an automated system provides a complete solution.

Manufacturing Benefits

  • SAP software takes care of end-to-end processing in an automated approach avoiding disruptions from production to sales of finished products.
  • It reduces time and amount spent in the manufacturing of varied products by skillful planning since it gets linked with every module.
  • Software system supports the efficient implementation of resources and labor based on which firm process is done in the regulatory process.
  • Feedback collected from customers helps manufacturers to upgrade areas of improvement. By doing so, the meeting of target people gets enriched.
  • Records on entire functionalities maintained in a secured mechanism do not allow for third-party intruders to access information

Manufacturing Features

Production engineering

Manage modifications throughout the course of the product lifecycle to streamline the product design process. Manage master data to effectively manage all aspects of product manufacturing, including materials, routings, bills of materials, recipes, and more.

Production planning

Be prepared to begin the procurement process by determining the necessary goods and parts. Planning and scheduling should be done while keeping capacity restrictions in mind. You may identify and anticipate bottlenecks with MRP simulations, make quick adjustments to your strategy, and pivot.

Production operation

Increasing operational efficiency may be done in any kind of manufacturing activity, whether it be discrete, process-based, or a repetitive industry extension. With centralized management over your processes, you can eliminate silos from design to manufacturing. You can have faith in the quality of your production output thanks to the total data visibility provided by our manufacturing software.

Manufacturing Operations

Select the right manufacturing model based on your specific functional and industry requirements—whether a discrete, process, repetitive, project, outsourced, Kanban, or just-in-time manufacturing model.

Quality Management

Now more than ever, businesses are looking for tight quality control and end-to-end visibility across all their manufacturing operations – including external suppliers and partner networks. With AI technologies and the power of an in-memory database, you can quickly identify and act on quality management issues.

Manufacturing Insights

Analyze disparate data sets, run real-time reports, and take a good look inside your operations, at any time and on any device. With AI-powered manufacturing analytics, you can streamline processes, make better decisions, and improve document accuracy.

We Are Your Trusted SAP Partner

Nijatech is the trusted SAP partner dedicated to providing the best solutions to our customers. We assist you in the journey to success through SAP ERP, CRM and Manufacturing solutions. Starting from selecting the best management suite with features that your industry needs. If you wish to know more feel free to contact us.

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