Unlock Business Agility and Accelerate Growth with Oracle Netsuite. 

With Oracle Netsuite, you can drive your business to new heights. Oracle NetSuite’s true cloud ERP solution provides real-time visibility into your operations, enabling you to make better decisions and improve efficiency. Plus, our suite of applications is designed to help you streamline your processes and reduce costs. Whether you're a small business looking to streamline your operations or a large enterprise in need of a comprehensive ERP solution, Oracle Netsuite has the applications you need.  

Our Solutions

  • Oracle NetSuite

    Netsuite provides a range of applications including accounting, financial planning, order management, inventory and supply chain management, manufacturing, e-commerce, and customer relationship management (CRM). Netsuite is a popular choice among small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large enterprises. It offers customizable dashboards, reporting and analytics tools, and a mobile app for on-the-go access. Nija Technologies is a software solutions provider that specializes in implementing and customizing Oracle Netsuite for businesses of all sizes. 
  • SAP

    SAP's software suite includes a wide range of applications for managing different business processes, including financial management, human resources management, supply chain management, customer relationship management, and more. These applications can be integrated with each other to provide a comprehensive view of a company's operations. Nija Technologies offer a range of SAP support services, including remote and on-site support, system performance monitoring, system upgrades, patch management, and more.
Human Resource Management
Nija Technologies provides a comprehensive HRMS (Human Resource Management System) application built on ERP applications such as SAP and Oracle Netsuite. HRMS application is designed to streamline HR processes, reduce manual data entry, and improve overall efficiency. HRMS application is also designed to be highly customizable, allowing organizations to tailor the application to their specific needs.
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Construction Management
Nija Technologies offers a Construction Management application built on an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) that is built on ERP applications such as SAP and Oracle Netsuite, that can help construction companies streamline their processes and improve project management. The application is built on an ERP platform, which means that it is fully integrated with other ERP modules, such as financial management and supply chain management.
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Property Management
Nija Technologies offers a Property and Real Estate management solution that is built on ERP applications such as SAP and Oracle Netsuite. This solution is designed to help property owners and real estate managers streamline their operations and improve efficiency by automating key processes. By using this solution, users can manage their properties and real estate assets more effectively, including tracking leases, collecting rent, managing maintenance and repairs, and handling financial transactions.
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